Profiled By American Theatre


I’m honored and humbled to have made American Theatre Magazine’s Roll Call this month! Especially so sharing a lineup with fellow CalArtian and illustrious director, Nataki Garret. I’m deeply appreciative of the kind words from long time collaborator Marina McClure and particularly enthralled that American Theatre Magazine highlighted the intersections between figurative art and design in my practice.

Check out the full article here.

After months of quietly working in the dark, it’s finally time to unveil workshop production photos of Fantomas: Revenge Of The Image. Created by Travis Preston and Tom Gunning, Fantomas will see it’s premiere at the Wuzhen Theatre Festival, China, in Fall of 2017. Check out the images here.

Last month I completed work on anĀ Opera American grant application for a production of Benjamin Britten’s Midsummer Night’s Dream. It was such a pleasure getting to work with Marina McClure and Kate Fry again after our Candide application two years ago. Check out the renderings here.

A short burst of new collage work has been uploaded as well, a bit of an amuse bouche among the larger work. Images are here.